Working Towards Community-Focused Redevelopment of the Fernald School Site

Reflecting on 2015

The holiday season is a time to reflect and document the accomplishments of the last year. And, boy, do we have a lot to celebrate!

In the last 6 months, we’ve continued to convey our message of information transparency and community planning.

Since the Visioning Charrette at the end of May, the Fernald Working Group has grown and molded our message, and this has resulted in an increase in media attention. We took this fall’s election as an opportunity to push our elected officials to express their thoughts on Fernald. In doing so, we established a relationship with the new editorial team at the Tribune, and reaffirmed our leadership and expertise on all the various facets of Fernald. The Letter to the Editor published in June, and subsequent interviews that the Tribune conducted were an example of the success of this effort.

In the coming year we plan to continue to inform and engage the citizens of Waltham and the surrounding region on the Fernald, engaging with town government and elected officials to:

  • Continue to press for a Comprehensive Strategic Plan for the site
  • Continue to invite the community to learn about the get involved in the Fernald
  • Meet with the Mayor and members of the City Council to discuss mutually agreeable goals,
  • Begin using the Fernald as a public resource

Thank you for continuing to stay engaged. Stay tuned for this winter’s events!