Working Towards Community-Focused Redevelopment of the Fernald School Site

Feedback from the Open House

We received lots of feedback from attendees at the open house, and compiled these observations:

Vision Color


21 people said they live in the neighborhood or their property abuts the Fernald! About 8 more had other connections such as working at or donating to the Fernald.


7 people were concerned about “over-development” of the site, with 4 also concerned about potential commercial use, and 8 concerned about housing development. Another common concern had to do with potential problems with the site – lack of maintenance might lead to the buildings becoming dangerous, and ground contamination). People also wanted to make sure public input was obtained by the city prior to taking action (3 people), but also, there was a similar concern for years of inaction, with “no plan” (4 people).


Almost 30 people want to see open space, wildlife and wetland protection, and trails. Another 10 want to see community facilities located on the site. Other highlights include an ice cream shop, city offices, and bringing back a vibrant neighborhood!


We can’t wait to share more ideas at the charrette!


Check out the Downloads page to see the presentations that were featured at the Open House!